INFO Just a quick note to let you know that from 22nd April, tongue-tie divisions won't be available for a while as our tongue-tie practitioner is away on maternity leave. We'll still be here for initial consultations, bodywork, and feeding support, of course. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to welcoming our practitioner back soon!

About Us

Family is all that matters to us, and the reason we created The Natal Network was to support families just like yours. We believe that reliable, quality parenting support should be a lot more accessible, which is why we’re here!

We consider ourselves privileged to help families meet their goals or work through difficult times.  We can provide guidance and support at every step, whether you want to learn more about what to expect at birth and how to create a realistic birth plan that is perfect for you, or if you need help with anything once your baby’s arrived. From concerns about feeding to sleep habit worries, we’re here to walk the path alongside you.

There’s never a straightforward answer, which is why we’re here to listen to you, find out what you’re going through, and offer advice and expertise that fits your parenting ethos. We love seeing how different families tackle parenting, and our role is just to support you through your own journey, never to steer you away from it or judge you.

We are insured by Hiscox.

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You can use any of our virtual services from anywhere within the UK. For our face-to-face appointments, we operate from our clinic at

The Wellness Practice, 8 Golden Hill, Leyland, PR25 3NP

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For the first time in weeks, we've felt listened to, understood and that we're doing things the right way for us.

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If you want to know about our services, and how we can help you on your own parenting journey, then you can book an appointment or get in touch using the links below.